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Dr. Severino provides invidual and couples therapy services for a variety of struggles and clinical needs. His areas of speciality include: 

  • Sex and Sexuality

    • Out of control sexual behavior

    • Sexual health

    • Sexual identity

    • BDSM/Kink

  • Gender identity


  • Substance abuse

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Aging


Dr. Severino is available for clinical consultation with other providers.


He is currently providing clinical supervision to trainees in San Diego. 


Dr. Severino is a well-respected lecturer on a variety of topics. Recently Dr. Severino has co-presented a workshop on out of control sexual behavior and its treatment. This presentation included the definition of six seuxal health principles, screening for sexual behavior, and understanding the motivations for continued out of control behavior.  




Dr. Severino remains an active member of the San Diego Psychological Association by volunteering his time to serve as a Co-Chair on the LGBT Committee. 




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