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Welcome to my psychotherapy practice. Have you found yourself feeling sad, unfulfilled or overwhelmed? Are you searching to find meaning and struggle with negative thoughts about yourself and your life?  I believe that given an environment of dignity, respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard, every person can tap into their own resiliency, achieve personal growth and realize their own unique potential. 


I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 12 years experience working as a therapist, researcher and educator.  I see both individuals and couples with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, grief and loss, aging issues, substance abuse, gender, sexuality, sexual health and out of control sexual behavior. I use a culturally informed, collaborative approach that values and respects diversity and appreciates the impact of marginalization and oppression. I work with individuals from a range of gender and sexual identities and I am sex positive and kink friendly.


I utilize a blend of evidence based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and existential therapy to help you identify your strengths, achieve greater acceptance, reduce emotional distress and work towards achieving your personal goals. 

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